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  • Small Planes Make Flying Fun Again
    Posted by Jennifer Michels 10:48 PM on Sep 01, 2009

    I was reminded of how utterly thrilling and downright fun flying can be on my trip to Belize last month.

    In this day of mass transit, "places to go, people to see," we don't often get to take the time to sit back and enjoy the ride. But at 1,500 feet in a Cessna Caravan operated by Maya Island Air, the feel of the turns, the delight on young people's faces whom have never been in a small plane before, can make you downright giddy.

     All photos by Jennifer Michels

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    After flying into Belize City on US Airways (OK, sorry, but not much fun), we boarded the Cessna bound for Dangriga, a 15-minute flight that flew low over lush vegetation and snakey rivers.

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    I remembered the tip my Scottish photographer friend taught me years ago; when taking photos out of dirty, rain-drop stained airplane windows, butt your camera lens directly against the glass of the airplane window,and the smudges will disappear. He was right!

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    I consider myself to be lucky enough, or blessed, to have made it to Belize twice now in three years. It's an experience I highly recommend for so many reasons. The first time I flew on Tropic Air, the other Belizian carrier, to the Toledo District. A place that was the closest I've come in my travel writing days to being in South Africa on safari.

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    The pilot asked if I wanted to sit in the right seat, and my response of course was, are you kidding me? This time I wasn't so lucky. On the flight down, we actually had two pilots. And on the flight back, another passenger who obviously knew the drill, ran onboard first and got the seat. 

    How many other places do you know of where an actual passenger can sit next to the pilot at the controls? Not touching them of course, but it sure beats the view from the cheap seats!






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