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  • Trent 900 Back Under Power
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:27 AM on Jan 11, 2011

    Qantas is returning its A380 to flights from Australia to Los Angeles.

    As part of that move, Rolls-Royce notes that "the Trent 900 fleet has returned to normal operation. All engine thrust restrictions have now been removed in agreement with Airbus, our airline customers and the regulators."

    Regulators imposed thrust restrictions on the Trent 900 in the wake of the Qantas incident because the Australian airline operates the turbofan at higher thrust setting than other A380 users with the Rolls engine.

    The next issue is to play catch up on production.

    The Qantas QF32 incident caused several engines to be replaced, leaving Airbus with not enough Trent 900 on hand to complete its 2010 delivery plan for the mega-transport. Rolls now has to restock and assure 2011 deliveries are not impacted, again.

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