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  • Airline Baggage Update
    Posted by Andrew Compart 9:52 PM on May 20, 2010

    Southwest makes it clear as day that it is committed to its decision not to charge for the first or second checked bag, which it insists has boosted its revenue by increasing its market share -- more so than if it actually charged a revenue-raising fee. As the airline explains here, it is going to emblazon ""Free Bags Fly Here" on more than 50 of its aircraft, with an arrow pointing to its cargo bin. It also made the message abundantly clear at its annual shareholder's meeting on Wednesday.

    Ryanair, meanwhile, still does not charge for a carry-on bag, as Spirit is doing, but it may have found a way to make some money off of its strictly enforced limit on the size and weight of carry-on baggage. Ryanair says it has teamed up with Samsonite to sell a Samsonite designed softsided carry-on bag which, "when properly packed," complies with Ryanair’s weight and size restriction. Presumably, Ryanair will make money off of each 79 Euro sale.

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