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  • Boeing: Back To Triple Digits for 777
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:29 AM on Aug 10, 2011

    Boeing is set to top the 100 order mark for 777 widebodies again this year, returning to a level it last saw in 2007.

    With today's announcement that 
    Cathay Pacific is looking to buy 12 777s -- eight freighters and four -300ERs -- and Singapore Airlines's for eight -300ERs, the aircraft maker tops the 100 order mark for the year for the aircraft type in gross orders (Boeing also suffered two cancellations this year of 777 commitments).

    The most recent high for Boeing 777 annual order intake came in 2005, when the aircraft maker booked 153 gross orders, with 143 booked in 2007. Boeing also topped the 100 order market in 2000, when it booked 116 777 deals, and in 1995, when it booked 101 orders.

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