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  • Heart of Silver
    Posted by Guy Norris 10:38 PM on Oct 23, 2013

    It’s a been a good NBAA show for Snecma and the 11,000 lb thrust Silvercrest which, after years of rumors, was officially named as the powerplant for Dassault’s Falcon 5X. The engine is being prepared for the start of flight tests which are due to start in December on a specially modified Gulfstream II flying testbed. Well displayed on this cutaway mock-up of the engine here at NBAA was the Silvercrest’s 42.5-inch diameter, swept, wide-chord fan.

    blog post photo


    The model also clearly displayed the engine’s four-stage axial blisked and single centrifugal impeller stage high pressure compressor, used to save weight and reduce part count. Using architectural features first tested during the CFM56 ‘Tech56’ technology development program, the high-pressure and low-pressure spools are contra-rotating to boost efficiency.

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    Impeller to right in this view of HPC

    (Guy Norris)

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