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  • ANZ's Got Game On Social Media Strategy
    Posted by Andrew Compart 8:00 PM on Nov 23, 2009

    Air New Zealand tries another tack in engaging potential customers via social media platforms: launching a new game on Facebook, called "Jump Seat."

    As described here by Air New Zealand, "Jump Seat" players can upload pictures to create their very own avatars as ANZ flight attendants or pilots. Once en route, players answer trivia questions, play mini-games and complete onboard tasks. Each completed task or correct answer is rewarded with energy points - the faster the response, the more points, which unlocks new levels of the game.

    Game players also can recruit Facebook friends to help fluff pillows for the lie-flat beds; recommend and refill New Zealand wine; send fellow flight attendants gifts of energy points for a boost; and tag team to ensure all passengers have an excellent in-flight experience.

    Now, I confess that I don't play any of the Facebook games; I don't have that kind of time (or choose not to use it that way). But I have many Facebook friends who do (and send me game help messages that, frankly, I ignore). But I still think Air New Zealand definitely is on the right track here. This engages customers and potential customers, lets others recruit new viewers through their messages, and brings them to a site where the carrier offers special deals. Heck, this is one Facebook game I might even try playing (in the cause of job-related research, of course).

    One suggestion, though; next time, including the link to Jump Seat on your press release! I had to go search for it.

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