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    Posted by Rupa Haria 11:37 AM on Oct 28, 2011

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    Rarely a week goes by without Ryanair somehow making it into the news. This time, passengers were ‘terrified’ as they watched duct tape being used to ‘patch up a pilot’s window’, reports The Sun.  

    Here’s another report from the The Sun which writes, in an online exclusive, that British Airways cabin crew have been told to get closer to their colleagues to improve morale. Naturally, the tabloid quoted one stewardess as saying: “There are some randy pilots who won’t believe their luck that we are being ordered to hook up with them.” Lost in translation, perhaps? 

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    Its okay, we can all stop worrying now. Jack the Cat has been found alive and well at New York’s JFK airport. Poor little Jack escaped from his cargo cage back in August. He was found in an airport customs room on Tuesday, says Time NewsFeed.

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    Blogger Jill Filipovic posted this photo on her Feministe blog. The scrawled “get your freak on” was apparently written by a TSA officer in reference to a ‘personal item’ found in her luggage. The blogger says it is a total violation of privacy.  Meanwhile, the TSA, on dealing with the officer in question, says it has “initiated action to remove the individual from federal service.” Digital Spy goes into further detail, complete with an illustration of the ‘personal item’.

    A mere failed nose landing gear didn’t stop the pilot of an Iran Air Boeing 727 from safely landing at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport. Three cheers for Captain Hooshang Shahbazi, who has become an internet sensation according to Watch the landing below.

    ...AvWeek's Take

    And while they may not be quite so strange, here are a couple of stories that made us at AvWeek raise an eyebrow this week:

    The team at Flybe had a clear mandate: go and get some turboprops. What did they do? Go and buy some regional jets. How did it happen? Read our Things With Wings item here.

    Boeing, in announcing its latest financial results this week, somehow failed to mention in the analyst and media call that first delivery of the 747-8i is being delayed, again, and has slipped into the first quarter 2012. Surely it was a mere oversight. Good thing Michael Mecham read the 10-Q filing

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