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  • Boeing 787 ETOPS take-off
    Posted by Guy Norris 6:59 PM on Feb 10, 2012

    Had I waited a few more hours, and paid more attention to others more in the know late last night, I would have seen the crew of the skywriting 787 flight were actually scrawling a giant stylized Boeing (former McDonnell Douglas) logo over the Dakotas AS WELL as the numbers 787 over the western states. At the time, just a few hours into the flight, I guessed it was 787-8. Still, at least this gives Boeing another option when its flight planners are preparing for the F&R/ETOPS phase of the 787-9! You can read more details about it in Randy’s blog (Randy Tinseth, VP marketing for Boeing Commercial). Also check out this image of ZA236 beginning its epic ETOPS flight from Boeing Field – note the dramatic-looking wing deflection shortly after rotation at around the 5,500ft mark.

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    Photo: Joe Walker

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