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  • Greed: Addendum
    Posted by Andrew Compart 8:50 PM on Jan 04, 2010

    A few days ago I blasted Delta for not giving customers traveling from Canada to the U.S. a break on the airline's checked bag fees, given that the Canadian government has at least temporarily imposed an "emergency" ban on most carry-ons for passengers traveling to the U.S. You can read my thoughts on this on my earlier blog post, which noted that most carriers temporarily suspended or altered their bag fee policy, especially given that passengers who already were traveling could not possibly have seen this coming.

    I'm posting this addendum simply to note that Continental did not change its checked bag fee policy for incoming passengers from Canada either, as confirmed for me by a Continental spokeswoman today. That doesn't change my opinion: it just adds another carrier to my "for shame" list.

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