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  • Midwest: Where's The Love?
    Posted by Andrew Compart 10:50 PM on Mar 01, 2010

    Here's the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's story on the possibility that Republic will jettison the Midwest brand name. Actually, I think the story goes a little bit further than Republic Chairman, President and CEO Bryan Bedford did in his actual remarks, in which he was pretty cryptic about whether the "unification" of the Frontier and Midwest brands would entail getting rid of one or both brand names. You can read my take on it in this Aviation Daily subscriber-only story. But my interest in this Journal-Sentinel story has more to do with the reader reaction, at least in terms of what they posted online.

    What's striking is that there's nary a comment on anyone mourning the potential loss of of name. Instead, there are a lot of people arguing the brand name doesn't hold any meaning anymore anyway, given how much the airline's product has changed the last few years.

    "They can call themselves whatever they want. Their true identity is gone," one commenter lamented.

    Republic insists residents and businesses in Milwaukee remain loyal to the carrier. I cannot say that isn't true, but I've wondered before how that could last with all of the product changes and the turning of Midwest into a "virtual" airline (Republic provides all of the aircraft and crews). These comments make me wonder more.

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