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  • Pitot Tube Madness -- Let It End
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:49 AM on Jun 12, 2009

    The latest press release from Scandinavian Airlines may just indicate that the madness over pitot tubes in the wake of the crash of Air France AF 447 has gone just a bit too far.

    The airline just sent out a notice saying the A330s and A340s it operates are not fitted with pitot tubes from the same manufacturer that has been mentioned in the Airbus safety message. In other words, SAS has Goodrich not Thales pitot tubes on its four A330s and seven A340s.

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    The airline failed to point out that there has been no causal link between the suspected pitot tube failure and the crash, or the fact that older Thales design -- and upgraded version is available -- has not been declared unsafe.

    If the accident investigation reveals the pitot tube problems suggested by the crashed A330-200's Acars fault messages had nothing to do with the crash, Thales may wonder how it will get its good name back in that business.

    [Photo: SAS]



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