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  • Airbus Boosts A330 Output...ETS Permitting
    Posted by Robert Wall 6:01 AM on Mar 08, 2012

    Airbus will bring A330 production to 11 aircraft per month, the latest in a series of widebody and narrowbody production increases for the aircraft maker.

    The new output level should be reached in the second quarter of 2014. However, Airbus-parent EADS warns the decision could  be affected by Europe's inclusion of airlines in its emissions trading scheme. The A330 rampup will come "provided the Emissions Trading Scheme issue does not harm aircraft orders," the company warns. Airbus was on a pace to building ten aircraft next year and currently is at a monthly rate of nine A330s.

    EADS is particularly concerned over A330 deliveries to China; Beijing has been vocally opposed to the inclusion of its airlines in the ETS and is blocking widebody deals to make its point. The company sees 35 A330s at risk, 25 on which parts production has already begun and which are to be delivered through 2014, with ten more on which no work has started, yet.

    Meanwhile, the aircraft maker continues to work on A330 upgrades. EADS CEO Louis Gallois notes "we don't consider the A330 an airplane of the past." Enhanced wing lift devices and other improvements are being looked at. As yet, though, EADS is not looking at a reengining, he says, although there are some urging such a move.

    Airbus also warns that on the A350 the "schedule is tightening as Airbus progresses towards its next milestones, particularly entry-in-FAL" the final assembly process.
    For now, however, it the company is sticking with the schedule, revised last year, of having the aircraft enter service in the first half of 2014. EADS CEO Louis Gallois says that as the company works on its program execution, the A350 "represents the biggest risk."

    The move comes as Airbus-parent EADS reports full-year financing results, with earnings before interest and taxes at
    1.8 billion, beating expectations.

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