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    Posted by Rupa Haria 3:27 PM on Mar 23, 2012

    27 panicked passengers wanting to leave an aircraft after the discovery of a “large hole in the wing” were told that they would be detained by police if they attempted to disembark, reports  Moscow Times. Passengers on board the Transaero Boeing 737 flight from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk in Russia noticed “that a hatch was missing on one of the wings. Normally for a Boeing 737 that is not a hindrance for fulfilling a flight," a Transaero spokesperson said.



    Two women travelling from Havana, Cuba to Miami clearly ignored the security question at check in: “has anyone given you anything to carry on board?” Customs agents at Miami International Airport found two human fetuses in the luggage of the women, says the Daily Mail. The fetuses, of a male and female, were to be used in a religious ceremony. Both women said they didn’t know the contents of the jars, discovered during an X-ray, contained human fetuses, and were only asked to deliver them to someone in Miami.


    In a series of unfortunate events, a journey from San Fransisco to Shanghai, normally 12 hours, took 262 passengers a whole three days, with an unexpected tour of Anchorage, Alaska. Broken toilets on board the United flight forced the airline to divert its Boeing 777 to Anchorage, three hours into the flight. Passengers were handed meal and hotel vouchers by the airline, but it refused to release their luggage during the unexpected stopover. A replacement aircraft sent the next day to rescue the passengers “also broke down," according to CNN. The passengers were finally on their way the following day after another replacement aircraft was deployed.


    Ryanair is in the news again for its charging practices. The airline is being investigated by the Irish Aviation Authority after concerns were raised about the airline’s emergency exit row procedures. Ryanair charges passengers for the privilege of extra legroom in the exit row seats, but with budget passengers refusing to pay the extra £10, aircraft are often taking off with unoccupied exit rows. The airline however, is still expecting passengers in nearby rows to man the exit doors in the event of an emergency, says the This Is Money web site.

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