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  • A380 Inspections due for Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Air France
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:18 AM on Jan 20, 2012

    Lead A380 operator Singapore Airlines has the most A380s affected by the European Aviation Safety Agency's call for inspection of wing rib-feet on the aircraft, although the airline does not foresee service disruptions.

    Emirates Airlines also has to check seven of its aircraft. The airline has already inspected one of them and work on a second is underway. "The directive poses no impact on Emirates operations," an airline representative says.

    Air France's first A380 falls under the EASA inspection regime detailed in this airworthiness directive. Airbus also has to inspect some of its test aircraft, which it already did as part of the assessment of what the problem with the L-shaped brackets might be.

    EASA is requiring
    operators of A380s to perform a detailed visual inspection of aircraft with 1,800 flight cycles or more within four days or 14 flight cycles, whichever occurs first. For A380s with 1,300-1,800 flight cycles, the inspection has to take place within six weeks or 84 flight cycles.

    EASA notes that this AD "is considered to be an interim action to immediately address this condition." But, it adds, "further mandatory actions might be considered" as a result of the on-going investigation.

    The inspection regime involves draining the wing tanks and opening an access panel. Depending on local rules, the process takes a day or more. A repair action, if deemed necessary, would take several days.

    For more on the problem read our story from January 19 here.

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