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  • American, JetBlue reveal more details
    Posted by Adrian Schofield 3:57 PM on Mar 31, 2010

    Some additional snippets from the American/JetBlue news conference that weren’t in the release (Quoting American CEO Gerard Arpey and JetBlue’s Dave Barger)


    American and JetBlue are examining further cooperation, including establishing a reciprocal frequent flyer program.


    Barger and Arpey both deliberately didn’t rule out JetBlue moving to Oneworld alliance. Answering question on that very topic, Barger says the two airline teams “are open to the path forward whatever that may be.” And Arpey stresses that JetBlue has the kind of qualities Oneworld looks for. “We’ll see where things lead,” he says.


    However, Arpey notes that the existing deal covers interlining on specific non-overlap routes – carriers will “continue to be adversaries” in many markets where they compete.


    American’s new two-year marketing deal with NYC and Co. (New York’s official tourism and marketing organization) means carrier will invest $3.5 million in cash, and will spend another $4.5 million in NY-related advertising and promotions.


    American “fully expects” to announce new international flights as soon as allowed to discuss joint venture with BA and Iberia.


    These moves don’t change American’s commitment to capacity discipline (they don’t alter carrier’s capacity guidance). Arpey stresses it is “more important than ever” right now to make sure supply doesn’t run away from demand.

    However, the NY moves also show the carrier is “determined to compete, and compete hard” in important business markets, Arpey says. No doubt a reference to Delta’s recent NY advances.

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