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  • Spring Airlines A320 in store before it's even delivered
    Posted by Nigel Howarth 8:24 AM on Mar 26, 2013

    Spring Airlines of China have taken delivery of over 30 A320s in the past few years, mostly new-builds direct from the Airbus assembly lines. The latest one however, B-9928 / MSN 5446, notionally delivered in January 2013, sits on a ramp at Toulouse in storage, well away from the A320 assembly lines. Its wheels and tail-tip are bagged to protect it from the elements, and the engines are capped front and rear, suggesting it's not about to fly away any time soon. We can only assume that Spring does not need the aircraft just yet, or there is a problem with the finances or paperwork.

    Behind the new A320 is a much older Airbus A340, MSN 029 of Air France, whose future is much less certain. It may never return to service....

    Photo: Nigel Howarth

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