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  • Air Asia X Becomes First ETS Casualty
    Posted by Rupa Haria 11:32 AM on Jan 12, 2012

    AirAsia X appears to be the first casualty of APD and ETS after it announced today that it will stop flying to London and Paris (read the full story here).


    The airline blames soaring taxes and higher fuel prices, adding that it will “concentrate capacity in our core markets of Australasia, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea”.


    The writing was already on the wall for the low-cost airline’s London operation. Having moved from Stansted to Gatwick less than three months ago, the airline’s CEO, Azran Osman-Rani, said at the time that the tax regime could be blamed for the disappearance of truly low-fare long-haul fares. At the time, we asked: Is AirAsia X low-fare or just no-frills?


    Osman-Rani spent the afternoon on Twitter explaining the announcement, saying he is “personally crushed. Reality bites hard but we have to keep fighting and move forward.”


    The airline is also suspending its flights to India, telling Aviation Week that the decision was made after the Indian authority's increased airport charges for Mumbai and Delhi by 280%. Osman-Rani said on Twitter that “India has structural issues with high airport costs and restrictive visa regime, [it] hinders tourism development. Would like to resume if addressed.”


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