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  • Obama, Airlines And The Environment
    Posted by Andrew Compart 10:40 PM on Nov 11, 2008

    In a story Nov. 9, The Washington Post reported the following:

    Before the election, Obama told others that he favors declaring that carbon dioxide emissions are endangering human welfare, following an EPA task force recommendation last December that Bush and his aides shunned in order to protect the utility and auto industries.

    Robert Sussman, who was the EPA's deputy administrator during the Clinton administration and is now overseeing EPA transition planning for Obama, wrote a paper last spring strongly recommending such a finding. Others in the campaign have depicted it as an issue on which Obama is keen to show that politics must not interfere with scientific advice.

    This could be a big deal for the U.S. airline industry. Here's why:

    In December 2007 seven states filed a petition asking the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft. As I wrote at the time for Travel Weekly, the states were arguing that the EPA "can and must make a formal finding that aircraft emissions of global-warming gases contribute to air pollution that is reasonably anticipated to endanger public health and welfare," a finding that is necessary in order to regulate the emissions under the Clean Air Act.

    It sure sounds like what Obama might do just that.



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