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  • JetBlue "Welcomes" CEOs
    Posted by Andrew Compart 3:40 PM on Mar 19, 2009

    JetBlue is getting a lot of attention (at least from bloggers like me) for its clever, funny and well-timed online ad campaign professing to welcome CEOs to travel on the low-cost airline now that they cannot keep their corporate jets and "secret" seven-figure bonuses. Notice how the airline uses its humor to promote its product and services. For example it promotes the airline's destinations by declaring that "JetBlue can get you to many cities where you already own homes, or hide money: Aruba, Vegas, St. Martin, Nantucket. They even have service to D.C., so you'll never be late for a congressional hearing." You'll have to listen for the great line that follows. Besides, a lot of the humor in the ads is contained in the images and expressions that accompany the words. Also check out how the CEO reacts to having to use a public terminal, and how JetBlue describes the ease of using its kiosk.

    All three chapters are posted below. You also can find them at the airline's specially created website or on its YouTube channel.

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