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  • Disaster Averted On Emirates A340 at Melbourne - Last Month
    Posted by Christopher Fotos 3:39 PM on Apr 13, 2009

    I saw this percolating over the weekend and I see sites including Aero News have picked it up. Here's the lede from The Herald Sun:

    THE Emirates jet that dragged its tail along Melbourne Airport last month was centimetres from crashing, with 225 passengers on board.

    Several aviation sources have described the accident on March 20 as the closest thing to a major aviation disaster Australia has ever experienced and say the passengers and crew are lucky to be alive...

    The plane -- carrying up to 215,000 litres of highly flammable aviation fuel -- was less than 70cm off the ground when it crashed through lights almost 200m from the end of the runway.

    The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has placed it in the most serious category of aircraft mishap available to it -- an accident, rather than an incident...

    The Aviation Herald has a thread on this with photos said to be of the aircraft's underbelly, and there's one comment from someone claiming to have been on board:

    I saw a large flare from the far engine just before we scraped along the ground. The sparks and noise were terrifying. The taxi along the runway was long and slow, seemingly neverending. There was a silent calmness in the aircraft, waiting to hear from the Captain, who eventually said that due to a technical difficulty we would be returning to Melbourne after dumping fuel. ...

    More at that site so check it out. This link to a similar account at The Australian includes a Sky News video brief.

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