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  • ALPA Weighs In On Pilot Fatigue, UAVs...And Stuff
    Posted by Jennifer Michels 10:30 PM on Feb 03, 2009

    The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) held a press briefing in Washington Monday, delivering its 2009 safety and security wish list that contained everything from new restrictions on flight- and duty-time rules to installing secondary cockpit barriers on airliners, to ways to reduce wildlife hazards.

    Pilot fatigue continues to be a top priority for the union. While Aviation Daily and the subscriber-only Web site ran a full story on the briefing, here is a link to some nice video of the whole shindig provided by ALPA. You can hear the presentations by President John Prater, Capt. Rory Kay and Capt. Bob Hasselbein, as well as one on the Q&A session.

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