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  • A trip to Beijing
    Posted by Michael Mecham 9:30 AM on Feb 04, 2010

    Pratt & Whitney and Singapore Polytechnic have signed a three-year agreement to extend a six-week training program they tried for the first time last September
    As a result, 39 second-year aeronautical mechanical students are headed for Beijing.


    Pratt has run a Customer Training Center at its hometown in Hartford for many years, but it is devoted to technicians from its engine customers and its own employees.


    When it opened a similar center in Beijing in 2002, it was the company’s first overseas school.
    The Beijing Customer Training Center provided a more convenient location for Chinese airlines to assure that their technicians were well grounded in service and overhaul techniques on Pratt’s own engines, as well as the CFM56s and V2500s that it provides overhaul and maintenance services for in China. 


    The first extension of the idea to technical students came last September when 30 attended from Singapore Polytechnic.


    The school was founded for technical trades in 1954 when Singapore was still part of the British empire (it became an independent republic in 1965).

    The Polytechnic added a three-year aeronautical course for mechanics in 2002 and another one specializing in avionics in 2003, says Principal Tan Hang Cheong.


    “Glowing reports” of how well the initial idea went prompted the decision to extend the program.


    The school graduates about 200 mechanical and 150 avionics students annually. Naturally, the Beijing experience is not open to the avionics students since Pratt is an engine maker.

    The Beijing courses are for second-year students to give them a “practical experience and hands-on training" in engine services, says Pratt Customer Services Vice President John Guiliano.


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