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  • A380, Not Flying at Paris
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:18 PM on Jun 19, 2011

    A ground incident has forced Airbus to pull the A380 from the flying display at the Paris air show.

    It is the second setback for Airbus in as many days when it comes to its public profile at its home event. On June 18, the aircraft maker's defense operation, Airbus Military, announced the A400M would also have a far smaller flying presence that first planned. The aircraft will only partake in the ceremonial fly-by, but miss the flying display because of a gearbox issue being investigated currently.

    In the case of the A380, the aircraft's right-hand wing-top hit a structure during taxiing at Le Bourget. The incident occurred around 3:50 p.m. local time at the Victor taxiway.

    Airbus says it is still inspecting the damage of from the incident, but MSN004 will now be merely severing in a static role at Le Bourget.

    It is not the first of such incidents for the A380 and, even though ground incidents such as this are not unusul also for other aircraft, such occurrences with the mega-transport tend to raise questions in the public about whether the aircraft is too unwieldy for some airfields. Airbus officials are extremely sensitive to the airport compatibility criticism, and have spent years trying to rebut those claims, pointing out the aircraft has been to numerous airfields of different sizes. One of the latest Airbus figures shows the A380 having visited 129 airports.

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