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    Posted by Rupa Haria 1:42 PM on Oct 21, 2011

    This week we bid adieu to Benet Wilson, a longtime colleague, mother of the "Strange But True" blog, and a Twitterati par excellence (@AvQueenBenet). As Benet moves onto her next adventure, you can keep up with her activities at

    Having raised a loyal following for this "Strange But True" roundup, Benet is leaving it to us to act as godparents and keep the blog tradition alive.

    So here’s this week’s instalment. 

    blog post photo

    The above photo of a Cathay Pacific pilot napping at the controls of an Airbus A340 has been circulating the Internet this week. The captain complained that his privacy has been invaded after he was snapped napping at 11,000 ft. The airline is investigating the person that took the photo for breaching the company’s guidelines, reports South China Morning Post.

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    Michael O’Leary is taking the piss, again, but he’d prefer that passengers on his fleet of 737s refrain from doing so. In his latest PR stunt, sorry, cost-cutting idea, O’Leary claims that removing two bathrooms would make way for up to six seats on each aircraft. There's no truth to the rumor Gerard Depardieu has already logged on to buy a ticket. Management Today imagines what the innovative folk at Ryanair will come up next – charging for priority boarding cards for the toilets?

    "They don't go missing very often," a Qantas staff member said after the airline lost an unaccompanied minor at Hobart Airport last month. The Syndey Morning Herald says airline staff failed to realise the 11-year old was in their care during the chaos caused at the airport during stormy weather. 

    blog post photo

    Barf bag lobbying. The U.S. Air Transport Association made its point by launching an advertising campaign using sick bags to voice its displeasure over the Obama Administration's proposed departure tax. “It’s enough to make you sick, isn’t it?” ATA’s Nick Calio asked, reports USA Today (someone, please grab us one for our in-house collection).

    Diversions are a drag, aren’t they? Imagine the frustration of the passengers on board an Air India flight that was stuck on the tarmac for over eight hours after it was diverted to Gatwick airport -- they were headed for Heathrow. Some passengers were so mad they even made a video (below). The full story on BBC News describes the ‘creeping delays’ that led to the mishap.  

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