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  • The Spirit Of Russia: Avianova's Raunchy Ad
    Posted by Andrew Compart 10:15 PM on Jun 29, 2010

    Fair warning before viewing: To call the ad "sexually suggestive" would be like calling the Gulf oil spill a "small leak." Avianova, a new Russian low-cost carrier, unveiled this spot recently, with flight attendants who strip down to bikinis to wash an aircraft. (Tip of the hat to USA Today's "Today in the Sky" blog, which is where I first learned of it.) The ad does not lack for close-ups or suggestive positioning of tools and suds. It also features some very odd background music.

    One interesting aspect of this is that one of the primary owners of Avianova is Indigo Partners, which also is a major owner of Spirit Airlines in the U.S. (and several other low-cost carriers worldwide). I note that fact because Spirit is known for its risque ads and is often criticized for taking them too far, as we have previously noted in a blog post here  and just a few days ago here. Remember its M.I.L.F. ads (Many Islands Low Fares)?

    Avianova, however, is gaining attention for more than its ad, or at least it should be. As Anna.Aero notes in this analysis, the airline has stiimulated a lot of demand with its low fares in the nine months since it began operations and has very aggressive expansion plans for domestic services. It already is serving 16 airports. The airline -- although not necessarily ads like the one it just released -- bears watching.

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