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  • 787's Independence Day
    Posted by Guy Norris 5:37 PM on Jul 04, 2011

    Boeing’s 787 test fleet is celebrating U.S. Independence Day by showing a little bit of independence itself. Two of the test aircraft are operating far and wide this week with the service ready operational validation (SROV) starting today in Japan and the ETOPS and function and reliability (F&R) tests expected to see line number 9 operating to Alaska on July 5.

    The week-long SROV, performed by test aircraft ZA002, is being conducted on representative ANA network flights between Tokyo Haneda airport and Osaka, Okayama and Hiroshima. Initial tests will include checks of compatibility with specific boarding gates at the airports during the overnight hours.

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    ZA002 arrived in Tokyo on July 4 after an overnight flight from Boeing Field (Mark Wagner)

    ZA002 arrived at Haneda just after 06.20 am local time on July 4 and was immediately used for SROV block 1 gate checks. Further block tests will take place during a return flight between Tokyo and Osaka Itami airport planned for July 5, and a return flight between Haneda and Osaka Kansai airport the following day. The final tests will be conducted on July 7 when the 787 is due to operate two return flights between Tokyo and Okayama and Hiroshima. The aircraft, which departed Seattle’s Boeing Field on July 2, is due to return there on July 9 July.

    ZA102, the ninth production airframe, also started the first block of ETOPS and function and reliability (F&R) tests on July 3. The aircraft is expected to start the first of several long overwater flights on July 5 when it is scheduled to travel to Alaska.

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