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  • The Austrian Promotion That Worked On Me
    Posted by Christopher Fotos 7:16 PM on Sep 17, 2009

    A couple of hours ago heading out for lunch in downtown Washington, D.C.,  I ran into (almost literally) three of these Smart Cars decked out in Austrian Airlines livery, part of a promotion that also took place in New York City last week. Three brave souls drove these city-friendly cars (sans wings) down from New York, presumably on Route 95, where I can feel threatened even in my land yacht of a Dodge Charger. The cars were accompanied by several men and women decked out in Austrian flight crew uniforms handing out bottles of water. The promotion is focused on business travelers, which I hope is not quixotic in these challenging times.  

    I shot the photo with my Blackberry Storm, the Iphone wannabe that works great for me but has one of the worst cameras in a smartphone--but serviceable if the subject is standing still. They also shot a photo of me in front of the car—turnabout is fair play—so who knows what Austrian newsletter I'll show up in. I think a fair number of sites have spotted these things; here's a post from up in New York. Hat tip to Austrian for brightening up a glum Washington day.

     (I was told that Austrian does a promotion like this, with some kind of amusing prop, every year but usually in the summer. This time, it was delayed into the fall because of some difficulty getting the wings and tail set up properly. See, it's not just the 787!)

    Update: Here's a good short post on the promotion at Jaunted, which also points to Delta doing this back in April, with Mini Coopers

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