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  • 747-8 readied for taxi tests
    Posted by Guy Norris 5:10 AM on Feb 05, 2010

    Boeing aims to begin taxi tests of the first 747-8, RC501, on Saturday morning, Feb 6 in the run up to the opening of the first flight window the following Monday. Testing will see progressively faster ground taxi speeds throughout the weekend, culminating - if all goes to plan - in a brief raising of the nose gear at rotation speed on Sunday.

    The flight test preparations also include dry-runs for the telemetry room staff which will be monitoring the flight from Boeing Field. As mentioned earlier, the first flight of the 747-8 differs from the recent first flight of the 787 in that the aircraft will recover back to Paine Field rather than Boeing Field.

    Sistership RC521 has meanwhile spent Thursday at the fuel dock where, following fueling, it underwent tests of the fuel quantity indicating system.

    For the 787 flight test team it was a mixed bag today with ZA002 successfully flying a series of stall tests but ZA001 still remaining on the ground. There seems to be more optimism that the problems (so far unspecified) that have delayed its return to the air for three successive days, will finally be over tomorrow. Here's a couple of images of ZA002's take-off from Boeing Field on Feb 4. The better lit, professionally taken one of the aircraft at rotation is by Joe Walker (below), and the other - not so good one - was taken by me from the other side of the runway.

    blog post photo
    (Joe Walker)

    blog post photo
    (Guy Norris)

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