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  • A350 Will Be Late, Officially
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:37 AM on Nov 12, 2010

    Long anticipated by industry and airlines, EADS today acknowledges that the A350XWB twin-widebody will be late.

    The delay is still slight, rather than speaking of a mid-2013 entry into service (EIS), Hans-Peter Ring now says the milestone will be in the second half. He concedes the "July" is no longer expected to be met.

    Airbus and EADS officials have long spoken of the challenges they see, and that the buffer they had had eroded. Ring says one of the reasons for the delay is that the company wants to take more time to mature the design before starting production; it certainly appears that is a lesson taken from Boeing's 787 experience.

    For many program watchers, the change in the EIS date is not expected to be the last. However, EADS officials are not ready to be that negative, yet. One reason they are reluctant to change the schedule too much is to keep pressure on its own teams and suppliers to deliver as close to target as possible.

    For now, Ring says the A350 change should not have financial implications to the company.

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