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  • More Airbus A320 Winglet Photos
    Posted by Robert Wall 9:17 AM on Nov 28, 2011

    Below are some additional pictures of Airbus's MSN001 A320 fitted with winglets -- or 'Sharklets' in Airbus marketing speak -- which are now being readied for their first flight.

    Installing the winglets on the A320 has taken a bit longer than planned, largely because MSN001 has undergone so many modifications over the years that it required special effort.

    In addition to fitting the devices to new aircraft (first on standard A320s, then on NEOs), Airbus has been looking at a retrofit option. COO for customers, John Leahy, said during the Dubai air show that it now looks like the retrofit winglets will be very similar to those offered for forward fit.

    blog post photo

    blog post photo
    (Photos: Airbus)

    Note the nice touch of adding the shark mouth near the nose landing gear (shame, really, they had to ruin it with the "hunting down fuel burn" slogan. Perhaps "taking a bite out of fuel burn" would have been a better turn of phrase).

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