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    Posted by Benet Wilson 3:57 PM on Sep 30, 2011

    Live from the lav!  MSNBC political pundit Mark Halperin decided to broadcast live on the "Way Too Early With Willie Geist" show -- from a lavatory on his Delta Air Lines flight, reports Gawker.  Insert your own toilet humor here!

    Something got lost in translation.
      Aaron Haight says a serious miscommunication by Air Canada caused him to be arrested for carrying two guns aboard his flight to Toronto and impersonating a police officer, reports CTV News.

    You didn't feel that?  Passengers on a Boeing 737 ANA flight to Tokyo had no idea the aircraft plunged almost two kilometers and nearly turned upside down before the crew was able to regain control, reports Voice of America.

    Boeing workers find a new high!  More than three dozen workers at a Boeing helicopter plant in Philadelphia were arrested in a drug raid, reports NPR.  They were charged with illegal distribution of a prescription drug.

    I come from a land down under -- where we eat Vegemite!  When Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd departed from a flight from Mexico to New York, he was stopped by U.S. Customs after being caught carrying a jar of Vegemite, reports NBC Washington.  Officers thought it could be a dangerous liquid.

    Hair today, TSA tomorrow.  Isis Brantley is accusing the Transportation Security Administration of unfairly singling her out for an enhanced pat-down because of her large afro, reports  She says two screeners dug down to her scalp checking for weapons and explosives.

    Fake pilot causes real problems. New Zealand's Auckland Airport was the scene of a major security scare after a man pretending to be a pilot tried to enter a restricted area, reports MSNBC. It turns out it was a stunt created for the television show "Wanna-Ben," which has a young man trying to get glamorous jobs.

    A new way to get high.  Lemuel Giovani Espinosa was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after trying to smuggle 5 lbs of meth, valued at $220,00, in three potato chip bags onto a United Airlines flight to Japan, reports the Daily Breeze.  He was charged with suspicion of drug possession with intent to distribute.

    Yankee or Filipino?  The nationality of a baby boy born on a Philippine Airlines flight From Manila to San Francisco is in question, reports FOX News

    What would have happened if they were playing Battleship?  A US Airways flight from New York to Phoenix was diverted to St. Louis after three passengers were reported to be acting suspiciously, carrying a wooden box, reports Turns out the men were holding a backgammon game.

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