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    Posted by Benet Wilson 3:00 PM on Sep 02, 2011

    Catching burglars -- from a plane.  All Steven Lynn wanted to do was get some aerial shots of his Bay, Ark., home.  Instead, he managed to catch two burglars robbing his home, reports Yahoo News. The two men are facing burglary and theft charges.

    I bet these stories got a lot of "buzz."  Passengers on Russia's Yakutia Airlines were attacked by two swarms of bees that had escaped from the Boeing 757's cargo hold, reports the Daily Mail.  The bees were allegedly being transported at the behest of a senior airport official at Blagoveshchensk, the newspaper reports.  But bees are being used by the the Institute for Apiculture at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main to measure air quality levels at Frankfurt Airport, reports Deutsche Welle.

    These scanners don't scan.  Germany's Interior Minister has given thumbs down to installing U.S. airport body scanners in his country's airport, saying the devices sound too many false alarms, reports ABC News.

    He's now a jail bird. Charles Douglas was arrested after ignoring repeated warnings to stop feeding pigeons at Bob Hope Airport, reports the LA Times.  Douglas was told the multiplying flock of birds posed a hazard to planes.

    Guns + airport = bad.  Both Ronald Hill and Thomas Joseph Fee were arrested at Ontario International Airport after Transportation Security Administration screeners found loaded handguns in their carry-on bags, reports the San Bernardino Sun.  And two men were arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after screeners found  loaded guns in their bags, reports the Daily Breeze.

    Isn't the plane supposed to go up?  The nose of a Delta Air Lines jet flying out of Tulsa International Airport went into the grass as the plane slid off the runway, reports News OK.

    What were they thinking? We'll end the week with this list, from the Criminal Justice Degree Career blog on the tip 10 craziest things folks have tried to smuggle on planes.  Put me down for the crazies in numbers 2, 6 and 10!

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