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  • Gallois Reflects on Ten Years of EADS
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:56 AM on Jun 09, 2010

    With EADS celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Gallois recapsthe company's history at the ILA Berlin Air Show. :

    He highlights that revenue has increased 75% since the company was set up. R&D outlays have released 22 billion, leading Gallois to say that “no company in our business in the world has spent such an amount of money for research and development.” During the period, EADS created 15,000 high tech jobs at a time “when industry was destroying jobs in Europe, he adds.

    Many problems were encountered during the past decade, he concedes, pointing to the A380 and A400M development turmoil, and internal management and governance issues. But, he says, most of those are overcome. The A380, in the first quarter, was on plan, and A400M, although challenges remain, is on track, he says.

    Now, he says, the focus turns to implementing the Vision 2020, to better balance the company, increase services, and expand the global footprint, for instance through acquisitions.

    But Gallois says the outlook is good. “I’m more confident than ever on EADS. We have all we need to succeed.”




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