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  • Another Tu-154 Accident With Fatalities (updated)
    Posted by Robert Wall 1:01 PM on Jan 01, 2011

    The January 1 Tu-154M accident in Russia in which three persons died after the aircraft exploded is the second incident in less than a month involving the aircraft type and apparent engine problems.

    Reports out of Russia say the Kogalymavia Airlines Tu-154 incident occured as the aircraft (RA-85588) was getting ready to fly to Moscow from Surgut in Siberia. The engines were starting up when the explosion and fire occurred, leaving not just three dead but numerous others injured. Russian officials say 124 persons were on board (8 crew, 116 passengers).

    Investigators have now retrieved the so called black boxes. Russian accident investigators say they are already working with the flight data and cockpit voice recorders. All crew members survived, which should aid the fact finding process.

    Reports from Russia indicate the country's transport safety authorities are advising airlines to temporarily halt Tu-154 operations as they examine the cause of the latest incident. The Tu-154 is the backbone of Russian domestic transport, although the fleet of western-built aircraft have been increasing.

    The airline, also known as Kolavia, was founded in May 1993, with operations centered around flights from Surgut and Kogalym .

    blog post photo
    (Credit: Kogalymavia)

    The aircraft was one of the Tu-154Bs the carrier operates -- it also has four Tu-154Ms. The airline fleet also includes Tu-134s and Airbus A320s.

    The crash comes on top of a Dec. 4 accident in Russia when a Dagestan Airlines Tu-154 crashed with engine problems killing two of 169 onboard.

    According to the Aviation Safety Network, this would be the 60th Tu-154 hull loss accident, in which more than 2,730 people have died. Four Tu-154 hull losses occurred place last year.

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