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  • For Spirit, Tiger Woods Ad Is Par For The Course
    Posted by Andrew Compart 9:55 PM on Dec 04, 2009

    Spirit's Tiger Wood's related ad is getting a lot of "bad taste" criticism, but I''d be shocked if Spirit cares. Spirit, like Ryanair, uses controversial online ads to get attention, and, in that respect, this ad has worked. Plenty of news stories featured or mentioned the ad, as have some blogs. The ad that ran on its Web site is no longer there, but went viral and remains easily accessible. I've embedded it below so you can get right to it, with more comments about Spirit's strategy and prior ads afterwards.

    I've blogged before about Spirit's promotional strategy and ad campaigns. That includes my blog post about these M.I.L.F. and other sexually suggestive ads that got some people riled up, including the airline's own flight attendants. At one point last year, compiled a list of what it considered the "Top Five Most Tasteless" Spirit sales. also just compiiled a "greatest hits," of sorts.

    Spirit  actually is just following the Ryanair model; as that European low-cost juggernaut straightforwardly states in its last annual report, "
    Ryanair primarily advertises its services in national and regional newspapers, as well as through controversial and topical advertising, press conferences and publicity stunts." You can check out a couple of the types of ads it likes to run here and here. Given the other things Ryanair and O'Leary have done and said over the years to get attention, it would probably consider Spirit's Tiger ad tame.

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