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  • Pamir Crash Recovery
    Posted by Robert Wall 1:12 PM on May 25, 2010

    Recovery efforts for the Pamir Airlines An-24 have been difficult, to say the least.
    The mountainous terrain where the aircraft went down has made recovery hazardous. It took an extensive effort by the Afghan military, supported by NATO forces, to even locate the exact area where the airliner crashed.

    blog post photo
    (credit: U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Mike Tateishi)

    Now, the U.S. military says around 40 missions were flown to bring recovery teams close to the crash site. The personnel were offloaded about 1,000 feet below the crash site (on May 21), suing Mi-17 helicopters. The 200 climbers and Afghan National Army troops then had to hike up the 70 deg. mountain slope to reach the debris field, that U.S. Air Forces Central says measures four to five football fields in size.
    Of the 44 person on the aircraft, 33 sets of remains have been identified so far.

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