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  • Bombardier Fights Back Against Narrowbody Rivals
    Posted by Robert Wall 10:07 AM on Apr 18, 2012

    To say Bombardier and its CSeries plans have been the object of mockery by its rivals would be an understatement. Airbus COO for customers, John Leahy, has gone as far as to say the A320NEO killed the CSeries.

    For the most part, Bombardier has been on the defensive, trying to make the case its relatively modest order intake, compared to rivals, was really not that big a deal.

    What is more, in defending the CSeries, the main argument Bombardier has been making it is delivering an all-new aircraft, the rivals are merely refreshing existing ones. That message does not appear to always have fully come through, though.

    But Chet Fuller, who joined Bombardier 18 months and is the head of commercial, is now trying to make that point more forcefully. "I'm 50, and I wasn't born when the 737 was designed." And, he adds, "I was not out of High School when the A320 was designed."


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