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  • AF447: Preserving More Evidence as Black Boxes Near Paris
    Posted by Robert Wall 1:28 PM on May 10, 2011

    The French air accident investigation office, the BEA, on May 12 expects the cockpit voice and flight data recorders from Air France Flight 447 to arrive at its facility at Le Bourget outside Paris.

    BEA officials will provide an update at the time about how the data will be analyzed, but also on the status of other recovery operations, including bodies that went down with the Airbus A330-200 when the twin-widebody crashed June 1, 2009 on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

    One of the biggest interest items will be what the condition of the so called "black boxes" is. To avoid corrosion during their transshipment from the Ile de Sein recovery vehicle to BEA headquarters, the black boxes were quickly submerged in water once they were brought to the surface. The same technique is being applied to other equipment, including the avionics that now also have been recovered. The BEA has released this picture of the effort to preserve evidence by submerging the equipment in water baths:

    blog post photo

    Additionally, BEA has released these recovery pictures of the Ile de Sein bringing onboard the avionics bay:

    blog post photo

    and one of two General Electric CF6 engines:

    blog post photo

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