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  • Qatar C-17 in commercial colors
    Posted by Guy Norris 9:15 PM on Jul 29, 2009

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    The rather astonishing sight of a C-17A in airline markings was captured today at long Beach, Calif. where final preparations are underway for the delivery of two aircraft to Qatar. The aircraft will the second of two to be delivered to the middle eastern state and is painted in the livery of the commercial airline Qatar Airways, which shares the same scheme with the Qatar Amiri flight. This government-operated VIP airline is established for use by the Qatar Royal family and government staff, and to date has operated purely commercial aircraft. The fleet currently consists of two Airbus A310s, one A319, one A320, one A330, two A340s (a -200 and a -500), one 737-800 and a single 747SP. As a pseudo commercial aircraft,  QA-2 is also the first C-17 to carry a commercial registration – A7-MAB. (photos; Guy Norris)

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