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  • Enough Already About China's Emerging Competition
    Posted by Robert Wall 4:09 PM on Nov 17, 2010

    One is starting to get the feeling the incumbent aircraft makers are tiring of being asked the question about the emerging threat Comac and China more generally represents to their business. 

    It is not that anyone dismisses the new market entrant, it is more fatigue with the idea that Comac is changing the nature of the business in a somehow revolutionary.

    Perhaps it is in that light one should view the views expressed by Airbus China president Laurence Barron when asked, probably for the one millionth time, about Comac and the C919. When asked the question how Airbus felt having secured 69 new orders year-to-date, whereas Comac, following the China Airshow deals, now has letters of intent for 100 units, Barron says quite clearly that Comac "is a competitor," he says clearly. 

    But he also puts the situation in a larger context. Having a rival is nothing new, he notes, adding that "we were born into competition."
    When it comes to competition "we're pretty used to it, [so] where's the big deal?"

    The market is large enough for two manufacturers "so there is room for competition," Barron adds


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