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  • I Hope He At Least Got A Ham
    Posted by Jennifer Michels 8:25 PM on Jul 23, 2009

    I was poking around the Transport Workers Union Web site today, looking for something else, when I came across this story: Local 514’s Ken Moss Retires After 42 Years & No Sick Days.
    Yes, that's right, 42 years without one sick day. The American Airlines' maintenance worker guessed that his good health could be attributed to walking thousands of miles around the plant and parking lot, as well as the fact that he liked his job and his co-workers.
    But what struck me was the fact that fellow mechanics passed the hat and collected about $5,000 to buy him a Gibson guitar to occupy his time in retirement.
    Management, according to the TWU, gave him "citations."
    Really? I mean, give the guy a gold watch, or a plaque, or a ham at least!
    It is very possilbe management recognized Mr. Moss in some way the TWU didn't know about or didn't mention. If not, I'm thinking AA missed a great marketing opportunity.

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