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  • Indian MiG Intercepts Air France Airbus
    Posted by Graham Warwick 12:23 PM on Aug 27, 2009

    Early Thursday morning, local time, an Indian Air Force MiG-29 fighter was scrambled to intercept an Air France A340 en route from Paris to Bangkok.

    A government statement says the aircraft was detected by air force radars entering Indian airspace at 37,000ft, southeast of Amritsar.  The aircraft used an established entry point, but was not in communication with Indian ATC and was squawking the wrong secondary surveillance-radar transponder code so was identified as unknown. The MiG-29 was launched to identify the intruder.

    Later the aircraft started transmitting the correct transponder code and was indentified by air-defence radar as Air France Flight 164, the government says. The MiG-29 was instructed to break off and return to base.

    India's defense forces have been on heightened alert since the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last November.


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