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  • But Cincinnati's Airport Is In Kentucky...?
    Posted by Jim M 1:53 PM on Aug 18, 2009

    You're a complete Anglo-rube. You don't know where Wales is. You go on Travelocity and book yourself a fine holiday to London. And whoopie, you've found yourself an incredibly cheap fare from, say, JFK to "London Oxford Airport." Awwright!

    Imagine your surprise, then, when you alight in Oxford, 60 miles -- or, more impressively, 96 KILOMETERS -- away from London. Could happen.

    Airport officials at Kidlington think "rebranding" their airfield London Oxford could boost international traffic and bring in the tourists. Oxford and Oxfordshire, to my mind, have plenty to offer tourists all on their own but what do I know? I'm a rural kid from upstate NY.

    Maybe it's part of a larger plan to name ALL British airports London airports. There's already London Luton, 40 miles away, and London Stansted, 35 miles away. What's wrong with London Oxford? Or London Liverpool? Or London Swansea? Or for our own Guy Norris...London Union Mills?

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