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  • Atlas Air Soothes North American Car Geeks
    Posted by Jim M 4:45 PM on Jul 29, 2009

    Wonder how many car geeks work at Atlas Air? For anyone who digs cars, the arrival of Porsche's first-ever four-person sports car is a big deal. Today, Atlas Air is supposed to fly 31 of the new beasts from Germany to take their first bows in North America at the Monterey Peninsula automotive festivals the week of August 9.

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    Technicians carefully wrapped and packed the cars and loaded them in stacks of two into an Atlas Air 747 freighter parked on the ramp in Leipzig, where Porsche's two newest models -- the Cayenne and now the Panamera four-passenger sports coupe -- are built. The Panamera began series production in April.

    Atlas Air, which has carried everything from outsize cargo to live animals in its relatively short corporate history, is the world's largest 747F operator.


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