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  • Qantas A330 Accident Update
    Posted by Robert Wall 8:41 AM on Oct 09, 2008

    Australian investigators have gained more information on the flight of the Qantas A330-300 between Singapore and Perth, which this week led to serious injuries to 14 onboard and less serious ones to 30 other people.

    Initially, pilots reported the aircraft increased altitude around 300 feet before suddenly pitching over. Now, initial data released by the Australian Air Transportation Board shows here's what actually happened:

    [The aircraft] climbed about 200 feet from its cruising level of 37,000 feet, the aircraft then pitched nose-down and descended about 650 feet in about 20 seconds, before returning to the cruising level. This was closely followed by a further nose-down pitch where the aircraft descended about 400 feet in about 16 seconds before returning once again to the cruising level.

    The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder has been extracted. Data from the FDR also has been given to the French accident investigation office, the BEA,  Qantas and Airbus for their review.

    There's been no update, yet, on the error messages related to the performance of the elevator control system.

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