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  • Frontier's "Undercover Boss"
    Posted by Andrew Compart 9:40 PM on Oct 14, 2010

    Republic Airways President and CEO Bryan Bedford is the featured boss this Sunday on Undercover Boss on CBS, taking on various jobs at Frontier, Republic's branded-service subsidiary, under an alias. Having met Bryan Bedford many times, and having watched the preview clips (see below), I can say that his disguise is not bad; the wig for the self-described "folically challenged" executive helps. But how did Frontier explain to its employees why the cameras were following him around?

    Well, I picked up some information on that from someone in the know: it seems employees were told the filming was for a reality show, but a different one in which two unemployed workers were competing for a job on the airline.

    I'm still not convinced no one would have picked up on what was happening, but the episode should be interesting regardless. You can see for yourself, and judge the quality of the disguise, by looking at the video preview below (and images of an undisguised Bryan Bedford here). You also can read his comments on the experience, which he called a "great eye-opener," in this Denver Business Journal story.

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