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  • Snow Fight: BAA 1, Virgin 0
    Posted by Rupa Haria 1:42 PM on Feb 04, 2011

    Virgin Atlantic appears to have ceded defeat in the ongoing argument with BAA over the closure of London’s Heathrow following heavy snowfall in December. (Read about Virgin’s decision to withhold its fees here).

    According to a report in today’s Guardian, Virgin has “reluctantly” called off its withholding of fees after BAA threatened to impound aircraft. It seems Virgin didn’t want to take the risk of calling BAA’s bluff, leaving even more passengers stranded, an expensive legal battle, and of course the negative repercussions on its reputation.

    So BAA gets its fees. But, the fight is not over yet. Virgin, along with BMI and its parent, Lufthansa, are seeking compensation from BAA after suffering substantial losses as a direct result of BAA’s inability to return to operations quickly.

    The results of BAA's internal, not-so-independent, inquiry will make interesting reading too. 

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