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  • Flightplan 5/29--If this blog were an airline, I'd charge you for reading this post
    Posted by Andrew Compart 4:03 PM on May 29, 2008

    The Association of Flight Attendants failed, again, in its efforts to persuade Delta's attendants to unionize, but the outcome of the new unionization vote is not likely to be the final word. Ready why in the story here.

    The media is piling on US Airways for eliminating free snacks, just as it did on American for charging for the first checked bag. The Washington Post gets particularly snarky about it. It's an easy shot to take (witness my blog headline), but, trust me, given the sky-high oil and jet fuel prices this is only the tip of the iceberg (hmmm, what about charging for ice?). Fees are going up for everything, even, courtesy of Frontier, the transport of antlers (increasing to $100, up from $75).

    The big dilemma for airlines such as US Airways and American is how they will continue to promote themselves as fuller-service carriers when some of their low-cost competitors offer more free services than they do. In any case, for a story that helps put these new and increased fees in perspective, check out this excellent article Aviation Week writer Joseph Anselmo wrote last week (subscriber only).

    Are you excited about the prospect of making calls from your cell/mobile phone while in flight, or dreading the potential for loud, annoying conversations by your fellow passengers? Count me in the latter. Either way, here's one way to keep track of which airlines are offering or testing in-flight usage and voice your opinion. Times Online in London surveyed a bunch of airlines and also has several stories on the topic at this page.


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