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  • Few air travel problems on holiday weekend
    Posted by Adrian Schofield 4:17 PM on Sep 08, 2009

    The U.S. aviation system ran relatively smoothly during the Labor Day weekend travel period, with volume causing more delays than weather.

    Friday saw the highest delay total, which was still a pretty light 730. These were primarily a result of volume in the Northeast and Texas, and storms in the Southwest and Florida. Newark saw 207 volume delays, with another 49 at Houston Intercontinental and 26 at Atlanta. Storms caused 99 delays at Las Vegas, 29 at Charlotte and 32 for the Miami en-route center. Runway construction at Minneapolis-St. Paul accounted for 35 delays.

    Saturday’s 240 delays were dominated by 78 at San Francisco due to low ceilings, and 62 at Phoenix thanks to thunderstorms. Sunday was even lighter, with just 132 system-wide. Atlanta saw 35 volume delays, with 62 volume delays at Phoenix.


    Monday featured 416 delays, mainly for volume. There were 139 at Philadelphia, although they were using a less-than-ideal configuration, another 60 at the New York TRACON, and 33 at Detroit. Wind caused 51 delays at Charlotte, and storms 28 for the Washington, DC area en-route center.

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