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  • FAA goes to Oshkosh
    Posted by Adrian Schofield 5:44 PM on Aug 02, 2010

    Amongst all of the information and comments flowing out of Oshkosh last week, there were some interesting perspectives from the FAA. The agency had a pretty big presence at Oshkosh, with troops on the ground as well as the FAA bigwigs coming through.


    FAA official Bill Gordon wrote this column on an agency website. Gordon was manning one of the FAA’s booths, so got an up-close look at the GA community’s impressions of the agency – good and bad.


    This story from another website has a few anecdotes from the many FAA activities at Oshkosh, from safety briefings and administrator’s question session to the children’s education efforts. (There is a link in the story to a new NextGen demo video, but the link wouldn't work for me -- I'll post it when I can find it).

    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood made an appearance, and talked about his impressions on his 'Fast Lane' blog. FAA’s pilot-in-chief Randy Babbitt gave LaHood a spin in a simulator to demonstrate a few things about how our airspace system works. Naturally, Babbitt made a nice landing, proving he hasn’t lost his touch despite all the hours he's logging behind a desk these days.

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